hardware Support

ib-link Hardware supports & Maintanace services ensure cost effective coverage and fault resolution whatever your location in the saudi arabia and united arab emirates, infrastructure or business requirments. Our nationwide , mobile and on- site teams , complemented by the latest diagnostic facilities, deliver high level of first touch resolution and system recovery.


Share information and application while ensuring the security of your critical business data. ib-link provides services like network and data center planning , server configuration and assembly, server conslidation and virtualization , data storage solution, Network secuirity and firewall,print servers and network software, modems, UNIX server connectivity


An IP PBX are developed to meet the voice and data convegence requirment s neccessory to run your business. ib-link provides voip based PBX solution for corporate clients. Improve service delivery while reducing the capital investments and running costs required for in house telephony - avoid running cost annd inefficient small scale operations.

IT Services

We manage hardware incidents through to resolutions - within contracted "Fix" service levels. Enhance a warranty or response only service to a commited fix service warranty is never compromised as we only use vendor approved parts , with all work supported by vendor accrediations and authorized service partner ships.